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The Hireling Report #38

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From Northern Life - Sudbury, Ont.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005
Sabbath shared with Catholics

In a rare occasion Roman Catholic Bishop Jean Louis Plouffe joined the Shaar Hashomayim Synagogue congregation to welcome the Sabbath Dec. 2.

The invitation was made by the synagogue to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council’s declaration supporting closer
relations with the church and non-Christian religions.

Nostra Aetate was proclaimed Oct. 28, 1965 by Pope Paul VI. It states that there is unity among people who believe in God. The declaration speaks directly about the bond between Christians and Jews and decries all displays of anti-Semitism.

Bishop Jean Louis Plouffe and Bishop Robert Harris and 70 Catholic church members also joined the weekly service lead by Dr. Jacques Abourbih and Roger Nash.

Abourbih opened the service by noting that this was a visit long overdue, “about 2000 years overdue!”

He told the specially assembled congregation, “In fact, after all these years, we still know little about each other. In order to combat this ignorance, we
need a multi-faceted, sustained and systemic educational program in many and diverse settings.”

Plouffe in his homily stated, “My life experience and my involvement as a bishop in inter-faith dialogue have taught me that mistreatment of Jews is not instantly wiped out by a declaration.

“Openness of mind and heart through positive experiences of dialogue between individuals must be fostered in order to promote greater understanding and appreciation of our common roots as well as our differences.”

The Shaar Hashomayim congregation presented the bishops with a plaque that acknowledges 10 trees that have been planted in Israel in their names.


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