Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Hireling Report #37

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Church rebuked over Ferns
How is it that a Catholic Church which could find time to declare that Harry Potter is a threat to children has yet to acknowledged the existence of the Ferns report was a question posed to a meeting at All Hallows College in Dublin last night.

Organised by the Voice of the Faithful group, it was addressed by Colm O'Gorman of the One in Four charity.

"In a week that has seen the Vatican launch a detailed report on homosexuality in the priesthood," he said, "I am again left somewhat bewildered by the continuing failure of the Vatican to even comment upon the Ferns report.

"Rome has thus far failed to even acknowledge the existence of the Ferns report, the first ever internationally to find the Vatican in part responsible for clerical sexual abuse."

Mr O'Gorman also asked: "What or who would Christ clear from the temple in this third millennium?"

The meeting was also attended by American Dominican priest Fr Tom Doyle, who was first to alert US bishops about clerical child sex abuse for which he was moved and ignored. He will speak at the Tower Hotel in Derry at 3pm tomorrow.

Patsy McGarry, Religious Affairs Correspondent
December 3, 2005


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