Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Hireling Report #21

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National Catholic Reporter

November 21, 2005

Sex abuse in Brazil:
Abuser priest provides checklist for selecting victims

By John L. Allen Jr.
NCR Rome correspondent

Relevant part (about Bishop

The magazine reports that in at least two instances, priests eventually convicted of sexual abuse of minors had previously been transferred from one assignment to another by church officials after initial complaints had surfaced.

According to the same report, one emeritus bishop in Brazil has been accused of sexual misconduct by a young priest whom he ordained.


The magazine also quotes from a written complaint filed in the Vatican by Brazilian priest Fr. Alberto Mendes, against emeritus Bishop Antônio Sarto, 79, who resigned from the Diocese of Barra do Garças in 2001. The magazine reproduced a May 20, 2003, letter from the Roman Rota, the main Vatican appeals court, to Mendes indicating that his complaint had arrived.

In the complaint, which dates back almost 20 years, Mendes details -- once again in graphic detail -- sexual advances Sarto allegedly made toward him. Mendes told Corriere della Sera that he tried for 14 years to lodge a canonical complaint against Sarto in a Brazilian ecclesiastical court, without success.


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