Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Report #8 on the Fall of Communism

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Khaleej Times Online

Three Philippine soldiers slain in new attack by communists

22 November 2005

MANILA - Communist guerrillas killed three soldiers and wounded nine others in the latest of a spate of offensives in the Philippines, a military statement said on Tuesday.

Guerrillas of the communist New People’s Army (NPA) clashed with an army patrol in Tiaong town, east of the Philippine capital on Monday, killing the three soldiers and wounding nine others before fleeing in different directions, the statement said.

Bloodstained clothes of the rebels were found at the area later indicating that wounded guerrillas may have changed their clothes to blend in with the local populace, the military added.

This is the latest in a series of NPA offensives against the government in recent days, apparently intended to further push for the ouster of President Gloria Arroyo.

NPA guerrillas killed nine soldiers and wounded 20 others in an ambush in the central island of Panay and killed a policeman and wounded three others in a battle south of Manila, both on Saturday.

On Monday, soldiers killed 10 men who they charge were NPA rebels in the central island of Leyte. Leftist groups with alleged ties to the rebels however insisted that the 10 slain men were farmers.

NPA spokesman Gregorio Rosal vowed that the organisation would ”step up its tactical offensives and deal body and head blows” against the government.

Rosal said the rebels had seized 25 assorted firearms from troops over the past two weeks and that only one guerrilla was wounded in the clashes.

The 8,000-strong NPA has been waging a Maoist-style rebellion since 1969. It is on the US government’s list of foreign terrorist organizations.

Peace talks between Manila and the communists ground to a halt last year after the rebels demanded Manila have them removed from the terror blacklist.


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