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The Hireling Report #5 - part III

Abusing God's Children: Part 3
By Thomas Augustine
Sep 24, 2005

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During the past couple of weeks, this column has attempted to expose the disgusting filth and connections with the culture of death that passes for the most used “sex education child sex abuse prevention” program in the United States Catholic Church (more than 80 dioceses according to the National Catholic Risk Retention’s August 2004 newsletter).

In the midst of this ever-increasing groundswell of parents who are realizing across the United States that even their supposed “orthodox” bishops cannot be protected from, or will not stand up to the dissident USCCB lay bureaucracy, Dominico Bettinelli, editor of Catholic World Report, and The Wanderer (and here) recently showed how Teresa Kettelkamp, the USCCB’s executive director of the Office of Youth and Child Protection, has served on an advisory board for the National Center for Women and Policing, which is directly affiliated with the Feminist Majority Foundation, a militantly pro-abortion feminist organization. Although the most recent Wanderer article has Kettelkamp denying being a pro-abortion Catholic, she consistently refused to answer the more specific questions regarding the role of her office and its “power” or lack thereof, to enforce this charter, which of course lacks canonical authority.

The Culture of Death Removes the Evidence

What is particularly interesting is the way her name was removed from the web page where she was cited as being an advisory board member. It used to appear here, just after the name of Deputy Chief Sharon Jones (Ret.). It should be noted that repeated calls to Ms. Kettelcamp by this reporter were not returned by either her or the USCCB’s media relations office in order to confirm or deny her knowledge of the militant pro-abortion group she was affiliated with.

Similarly, in “Abusing God’s Children, Part 2,” the Planned Parenthood websites linked to recommended books from VIRTUS’s “Touching Safety” program, suddenly disappeared shortly before the publishing of the article. Interesting that either Kettelkamp or the Feminist Majority Foundation found it necessary to quickly remove her name from that page. If anyone is in doubt, there are hard copies available, and it can also still be found online (But not for long, so hurry, look, and print it out before it is expunged by the censors!) on page 21 of the document.

So, since Ms. Kettelkamp nor the USCCB office of media relations had the courtesy to return a telephone call from this reporter regarding her abortion stance, I would like to add some other questions, which she can answer through this media outlet if she so desires to fully clear the record.

Do you believe and adhere to the Church’s doctrine forbidding articificial contraception?

Do you believe and adhere to the Church’s doctrine forbidding women from ever being ordained to the sacred priesthood?

Do you understand that by using fear and scare tactics (as the “sex education child sex abuse prevention” programs all do!), this will inhibit a mature and true understanding of sexuality according the natural law and Catholic doctrine?

4. Do you believe that parents are not capable and able, as the natural moral law and The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality insists, to teach their children about sexual issues in the context of morality and biology without any assistance from your office?

Do you believe the “sex education child sex abuse prevention” programs, particularly VIRTUS’s “Touching Safety” curriculum, are in line with Catholic teaching, particularly the prohibition of violating children’s years of innocence as taught in The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality and Familiaris Consortio?

Do you understand and recognize the John Jay report authorized by, and for, the USCCB, showed that more than 80 percent of all sexual abuse was conducted by priests (male) and teenage or pubescent boys (male)?

Do you understand and recognize the primary instigators of sexual abuse in the U.S. Church were homosexual priests and bishops and that the VIRTUS program denies this?

Do you understand that the “Touching Safety” program has a flawed pedagogy (making the children the primary line of defense!) and will not prevent homosexual priests and bishops from abusing teenage boys?

At this point and time, it is time for all Catholic parents to immediately request a full copy of the curriculum of “Touching Safety,” part of VIRTUS’s “Protecting God’s Children” program. Unfortunately, many parents will experience difficulty accessing the actual content from their directors of religious education and/or from their Catholic school religion teachers, as VIRTUS cleverly hides behind a much-shortened marketing “advisory” to parents with the guts of the curriculum unrevealed.

This innocence-ruining program is spreading throughout the U.S. Catholic church like wildfire and will soon be in your diocese, if it is not already implemented. If it is not this program, it will be another with similar innocence-ruining curricula and connections with Planned Parenthood, SIECUS and the culture of death.

It is not primarily and only for the adult volunteers. The entire program is set up to capture the children. And do not let your diocese “assure” you they are passing their concerns on to VIRTUS. Unfortunately, VIRTUS is part of the National Catholic Risk Retention Group, which in turn is owned by at least 62 dioceses in the United States as its insurance arm. The VIRTUS program and consultants are part of the problem—not the solution.

Remember, it was homosexual priests and bishops who were responsible for more than 80 percent of the documented cases in the USCCB’s own authorized study. The “Touching Safety” program itself is abusive, as it destroys children’s innocence (at all ages!) and presents a low view of sexuality. It will do nothing to prevent homosexual priests and bishops (The bishops themselves do not have to undergo the program) from abusing children. This entire, unbelievable fiasco is being implemented even by “orthodox” bishops for financial insurance reasons. Period. The “Touching Safety” program is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

On a final note, I challenge all of you who read this to go to Google (no charge for the free promo!) and type in the words “touching safety” with quotation marks around it, then add a “plus” sign (+), and then type in “Planned Parenthood” with quotation marks and see what comes up. But hurry, before the evidence is expunged. Check out this site. (And by the way, Amy, your children will too be exposed to this program. It hasn’t been “announced” yet.)

The USCCB and Teresa Kettelkamp and your “orthodox” bishop insist your children must be exposed to the tactics of the culture of death. They do not believe you can adequately teach your own children or protect them.

Copyright by Thomas Augustine

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