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Report #1 on the Springtime of Vatican II

Update on cbc Newfoundland

October 26, 2005

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'For sale' signs hung up on churches
Last updated Oct 26 2005 04:36 PM NDT
CBC News
The Roman Catholic diocese in Western Newfoundland has hired a real estate company to sell church buildings and other property.

Funds raised from the sales will be used to compensate victims of sexual abuse, most of whom were molested by Father Kevin Bennett.

More than 40 church properties owned by the Diocese of St. George's are now on the market, as the diocese attempts to raise $13 million to settle an agreement finalized this summer.

FROM JULY 6, 2005: Court gives nod to abuse compensation


Bishop Douglas Crosby says the diocese has no choice but to proceed with listing dozens of its properties.

"It is difficult," Crosby said.

"The benefit is that we're now trying to move the whole process toward a resolution that is fair to the victims, and that would get us beyond it, so we can move forward into the future."

Judy Lacosta, who lives in the small Port au Port Peninsula community of Campbell's Creek, says she is heartbroken that Our Lady of Fatima church may be sold.

The tiny church is now used only occasionally – usually for funerals and at Christmas – but is now up for sale.

Lacosta says the value of the church goes well beyond what price it may fetch.

"It's a beautiful little church, and it's something in our community," she said.

"Our community's small and there's not much else here. It's going to be sad if we lose it."

Crosby is also hoping Roman Catholics here and elsewhere can find money to buy back some church properties.

Lacosta says people in her town are hoping for the same thing.


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