Friday, November 18, 2005

Report #21 on the Era of Peace

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CHRONOLOGY-The deadliest bomb attacks in Iraq

Fri 18 Nov 2005 6:05 AM ET

Nov 18 (Reuters) - At least 41 people were killed and 75 wounded on Friday when suicide bombers blew themselves up inside two Shi'ite mosques in the eastern Iraq town of Khanaqin, police said.

Here is a list of some of the deadliest bomb attacks in Iraq since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein:

Aug 19, 2003 - A truck bomb wrecks United Nations headquarters in Baghdad, killing 22 people, including U.N. envoy Sergio Vieira de Mello.

Aug 29, 2003 - A car bomb kills at least 83 people, including top Shi'ite Muslim leader Ayatollah Mohammed Baqer al-Hakim, at the Imam Ali mosque in Najaf.

Feb 1, 2004 - 117 people are killed when two suicide bombers blow themselves up in Arbil at the offices of the two main Kurdish factions in northern Iraq.

Feb 10, 2004 - Suicide car bomb rips through a police station in Iskandariya, south of Baghdad, killing 53.

Feb 11, 2004 - Suicide car bomb explodes at an Iraqi army recruitment centre in Baghdad, killing 47.

March 2, 2004 - 171 people are killed in twin attacks in Baghdad and Kerbala.

Feb 28, 2005 - A suicide car bomb attack in Hilla, south of Baghdad, kills 125 people and wounds 130. It was postwar Iraq's worst single blast.

July 16, 2005 - A suicide bomber in a fuel truck near a Shi'ite mosque in the town of Mussayib, near Kerbala, kills at least 98 people.

Sept 14, 2005 - A suicide bomber kills 114 people and wounds 156 in a crowded Shi'ite district of Baghdad, while gunmen kill 17 north of the city.

Sept 29, 2005 - 98 people are killed in three coordinated car bomb attacks in the mixed Shi'ite and Sunni Arab town of Balad.

Nov 10, 2005 - A suicide bomber blows himself up in a crowded Baghdad restaurant frequented by the security forces, killing 35 and wounding at least 25. Al Qaeda in Iraq claimed responsibility.

Nov 18, 2005 - At least 41 people are killed and 75 wounded when suicide bombers blow themselves up inside two Shi'ite mosques in Khanaqin.


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