Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Report #11 on the Fall of Communism

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Catholic World News

New arrests of underground priests in China's Hebei province

Nov. 29 ( - Six priests of the underground Catholic Church were arrested in China's Hebei province last week, the Cardinal Kung Foundation reports. Two of the priests were badly beaten as they were taken into custody.

The arrests, which took place on November 18, were the third in a series of crackdowns in Hebei-- a province that has the most active underground Catholic Church in China. Early in November police arrested Bishop Jia Zhiguo and two other priests. On November 12, another priest and 10 seminarians were jailed a second raid. Some of the priests and seminarians were released after a few days in custody; Bishop Jia remains imprisoned.

Father Wang Jin Shan and Father Gao Lingshen were beaten by police as they were taken into custody, the Cardinal Kung Foundation reported. Also arrested were Fathers Guo Zhijun, Zhngin Xiuchi, Peng Jianjun, and Zhang Yinhu.


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